COVID 19 : Do You Want to Wand It Be Gone? Have a listen to one of my latest stories: Wand IT Be Gone! A story that wands problems and anxieties with the wave of a wand and a will of optimism.

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I dedicate this story to my precious friend Tara, who daily exudes joy and determination, inspired this story. Just before COVID set in we were laughing and joking about just waving problems away. Tara blurted out, “You just have to wand it be gone!” Well that was it I went home and started to percolate and presto this story was birthed. Ironic as we had no idea of what was to come and how much we wish we could wand COVID be gone.

Now for those of you who assume that Tara is a flighty Pollyanna who hasn’t a realistic view of the word and suffering, stop right there! What makes Tara’s joy and mindset of optimistic resolve (MOR) is remarkable given her determination to battle through huge adversity, that most of us will never experience. Her story is not mine to tell, but she is true inspiration, trust me!

I’d love the feedback on this story. I wrote trying to incorporate as much alliteration as possible, as such 20 percent of the story has w starting words and much of the sound patterns have the ‘waaa’ sound. Alliteration, specifically tongue twisters are great for language development for our kids.

Did you know that fairies are extremely creative and high energy? It is because of this that there wands are not only used to ‘wand things gone’ but also as pointers to direct and focus their energy.

Dazzle’s Challenge: Go to the local woods or beach and find a beautiful stick that you can then bring home and decorate. Use it in your home as a wand it away with optimism tool or a reminder to stay focused.

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