Do you have a ‘challenging fairy’ in your life? Someone who asks those probing questions that causes you to stop, think and reevaluate?  

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 PDF copy The Executive Gardener and the Fairy

In this reading Frank meets the fairy, Lily, in the garden. Lily is his provocateur. She has the same name as his late wife, except it is spelled with only one l. Speaking with an imaginary fairy in the garden seems to be the last thing, task driven and no nonsense Frank, would be caught doing. Ironically, he is drawn in by this mystical creature and takes her challenge to think of what motivates him.

She succeeds in getting him to think beyond his grief and loneliness. He ends up drawing diagrams to his foundational philosophy oddly enough in the form form of a flower.

Dazzle’s Challenge: Do something out of your comfort zone whatever that is from drinking a different morning beverage, walking a different route, trying a different exercise in our workout. Do something different. Then think to yourself how did that feel? Was the change refreshing or uncomfortable? Why? How did the change benefit you? Remind yourself of the importance of staying open to new ideas

Quick Take Away Links:

Simon Sinek

Seth Godin

He debunks the idea of finding our calling…. We need to have courage to press the buzzer and choose activities that speak to our interests and abilities. It’s about evaluating our resources and deciding what is important.

And I love this video by Tim Urban because we so often runaway through procrastination in confronting ourselves in answering those difficult self-evaluation questions.