Drumming, Making Recycled Instruments and Music Games.

A way many of us engage when listening to music is by tapping our fingers or feet. We sway or rock, finding solace as we are soothed by the melody and harmonies of a tune. Even if we are hearing impaired we can still feel the vibrations emulating from an instrument with a forceful beat like a drum. Rhythm is primal to us all. Think how since the beginning of time we have given babies rattles. Rhythm is also critical to humans as we synch our actions, thoughts and heartbeats with our environments.

Years ago, a musician friend, Judy, would entertain us with tunes, via her stereo and music collection. She inevitably would hand out percussion instruments and we would all contribute with voice and trying to stay on beat. As a lover of dance (having taken ballet and Ukrainian dancing), I was confident in my abilities to keep rhythm and participated with great enthusiasm, thinking I was spot on with my rhythmic contributions. A humbling experience, as Judy corrected me, that although I might have thought I was on beat, I was actually lagging slightly. It was then I realized that how difficult it is to drum with precision.

My kindergarten-teaching partner Monica used to be the feature drummer for perennials, the band she shares with her husband, Chris. An inspiring story as she presented as a conservative teacher by day and by night she was a drumming rock star and leisure writer (poetry, prose and lyrics). Monica and Chris, had one son, who over the years has been exposed to the music industry and was taught how to drum. Now, Jackson at 11 years old, is heading to high school with strong academics and he is exhibiting incredible talent on the skins as the new drummer for the band. https://youtu.be/laY-rR5WuRc

Should you go out and purchase a drum kit for your fast thinking active child who loves music? Why not start by experimenting with making some simple percussion or simple string instruments? A homemade recycled instrument, isn’t that kind of cheesy you ask? Check out links below to see what phenomenal music is coming from some of these recycled instrument bands. Also today there are a number of drumming electronic drumming games that can develop percussion skills.

Today a growing for of therapy is done through drumming circles. Several of the links below cite the health benefits of practicing regular drumming within a group. During this pandemic’s physical distancing requirements, this might be one of the best forms of relaxation and grounding.

Dazzle’s Challenge: Make some recycled instruments with your kids. Challenge another family then gather at physical distancing to have a concert, sharing your musical talents!

No SO Quick Take Away Links….as you can see I believe in musical exposure and education:



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