Get a BIG Bag of Glamour-infused Fairy Dust!

What makes fairy dust so powerful? Glamour! Glamour is a seemingly invisible energy in the forests, that has the power to turn anything negative positive, anything ugly beautiful, and overall heal. We fairies take glamour and mix it with our glitter, then sprinkle it in front of the eyes an arm’s length away, (NOT IN THE EYES!) and it magically transforms perspectives. How magical!

This year will bring challenging moments which will require shaking off negativity in maintaining a growth mindset. Why not create your own family or classroom container of glitter. Use it during those bleak moments as a metaphoric tool to change perspective. It could be stored in a place where discussions take place like the dinner table of the family room or in the classroom by the sharing carpet and used when people need a pump of positive perspective. Take a picture of it at the start of the school year and then at the end. Compare how much fairy dust was used during the year. Reflect on how and why more of less was used by the group during the year. What were the lessons learned?

Consider purchasing glitter lip gloss for all members of the family to be used as a reminder to keep our words positive and encouraging. Or use it as a reminder to use our words to heal through an apology or offer forgiveness. Words have the power to hurt or heal!

Last, why not make it a regular routine to take a walk in the local forest? Forest bathing has been scientifically proven therapeutic, (see the articles below). In addition, daily exercise is essential for personal health. Walking after a meal can help with regulating sugar levels, enhancing digestion, and promoting weight loss. It is also a great way to chat with the family in a casual non-threatening way, as one problem solves or analyzes the events of the day. Last, nature has a great way of delivering us back to the now. Just think of the riveting awestruck wonder moment of seeing a beautiful rainbow, pastel sunset, or hearing the melodies sung by our songbirds. Let’s move away from the bustle, screens, and home routines and take a walk on the forested wild side.