This fairy has been traveling, moving, writing, reading, self-publishing working out and working part-time while trying to stay in the moment. One thing I have to get better at is my social media skills. My goal is to bump up my blogging and vlogging in addition to learning instagram and re-engaging with twitter.

But first a commentary on the use of Facebook. Initially I was fearful of engaging in the social media platform. After about a year and half I have to say it has had many of the following benefits:

  • Allowed me to stay connected to friends and family out east.
  • Further connected me to friends and events here in Victoria.
  • As my friend Andrea Bradshaw has stated, it can be a great resource for further information on a variety of topics.
  • Given a platform to showcase my writing and fairy activities.
  • Given me a platform to share resources that I believe support education, parenting, mental health and overall wellness.
  • Allowed me to connect with new people.

The cons:

  • Privacy issues that keep resurfacing regarding Facebook in general, it just requires extra diligence with security settings.
  • It can become addictive, that is if one engages in it to excess.

Overall though I have to say I am pleasantly surprised it has been a worthwhile experience that has helped support my writing, relationships and knowledge.